an analysis of the poem 'Monsoon History'

Topics: The Culture, Poetry, Precipitation Pages: 3 (842 words) Published: September 21, 2013
Discuss the theme, the dictions, the imagery and your response to the poem. Suggest one or two activities that you might ask form 5 Malysian students to do in connection with the poem.

The poem is about the persona is reminiscing her childhood memories. It describes the persona’s “Peranakan” household during the monsoon season. In the “Monsoon History”, the lines are arranged in a particular way to create effect and the choice of words that the poet is focused on engaging the audience to interact with the poem. One of the themes of this poem is appreciating nature. The poem provides a vivid description of nature, which are the presence of creatures that are full of life, and the natural phenomena such as the monsoon. The monsoon is a period of uncertainties but when it is over there is tranquillity. We should learn to live by understanding the wonder of nature, even at times of uncertainties. The poet uses a lot of elements of nature and even small insects such as “ gnats”, “black spiders”, ”termites” in her poem. This shows that the poet is really observant of the things that are going around her and appreciating nature as she realised their peaceful co-existence. Furthermore, the persona faces the realities of life especially during the monsoon where the situation reflects uncertainties as indicated in stanza 2. The monsoon brings thunderstorm and rain, the atmosphere becomes moist. This is the reality of life in Monsoon History. One has to face this reality. Natural phenomenon in the form of the monsoon is in control and there is rolling darkness. The poem provides a realistic picture of what happens during the monsoon. The poem also highlights cultural richness. Traditions and customs are part of the culture practised by the people portrayed in the poem. There is a rich cultural heritage that needs to be preserved from generation to generation. This can be seen through strong presence of...
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