An Analysis of the Play A Streetcar Named Desire

Topics: Blanche DuBois, A Story, The Climax Pages: 4 (1307 words) Published: October 14, 2008
The story deals around Stella, who is pushed around by the other main characters. I
The first scene really evaluates the key characters in the stories and shows how they are, by using them in situations. It demonstrates the characters’ personalities with key interactions of the characters amongst themselves. It really opens up by showing how passive and non-aggressive Stella is about her surroundings and how she deals with everyday life. It shows how she has almost no will in dealing with confrontations and arguments. It gives me reasons to believe that she is the victim of everything that has transpired. She is giving me the impression that she is naïve, submissive, and sort of gullible. She is soon mentally and emotionally scarred by the end.

The location in the story can have an impact to the theme.
One of the main factors of the story is the location. It was what really stirred the main conflict and created a hate between characters. It takes place in a small, poor location in the middle of New Orleans in the early 20th century. This makes Blanche cringe because she is used to cleaner nicer living places. Even though it is a nice, cozy part of town, it is very dark and lonely. The late nights and bizarre occurrences and music make it kind of spooky. The location also brings in a diverse cultural setting. In many parts of the story, a variety of music is overheard in the background including Jazz, Blues, and Polka. Also the actual place of conflict is the apartment they live in.

The conflicts that occur in the story are greatly involved in the climax. III
The conflicts of the story reflect those of a troubled, dysfunctional family in the midst of poverty. Even though they can get by with what they have, Blanche believes that it isn’t good enough for her and Stella. So she continues to insist that Stella should move in with a better man than Stanley, but Stella has made up her mind that she is not as classy as her sister and is staying with her...
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