An Analysis of the Manual Accounting Operations of Company with Recommendations for Conversion to a Sage Computer Accounting System.

Topics: Microsoft Excel, Comparison of accounting software, Accounting software Pages: 25 (4922 words) Published: June 1, 2013
An analysis of the manual accounting operations of Company with recommendations for conversion to a Sage computer accounting system.

Submitted by: …

This report is submitted for assessment of the AAT Learning and Assessment Area ‘Internal Control and Accounting Systems’.


1. Terms of Reference 3

2. Executive summary 4

3. Methodology 5

4. Nature and Structure of Safe & Sound Domiciliary Care Agency 6

5. Description of the current system 7

6. Weakness and findings of the current system 9

7. Recommendations 10

8. Fraud 14

9. Appendix 15

10. Letter of Authenticity 27


1. This report has been prepared to investigate cost saving benefits available by computerisation of a manual accounting system of Company.

2. This report has also been prepared to cover the requirement of AAT Learning and Assessment Area ‘Internal Control and accounting systems’

3. The objectives of this report are to:

• analyse current accounting system of Company;

• identify weaknesses of the accounting system;

• make recommendations for improvement of the current accounting system and convert to Sage computerised accounting system;


1. The meeting was held with the line manager to analyse the accounting system of Company.

2. It was recommended that a new improved accounting system needs to be introduced to Company.

3. This was to save the time of the office staff typing up invoices and creating spreadsheets, to save money and improve the system trying to reduce the errors.


1. It was apparent that there were issues with current accounting system. Invoices were returned as they were incorrect. They were delivered to wrong services users. The whole process is costly, time consuming and inefficient.

2. Line manager had a look at the accounting system and identified key weakness and time management. The idea is to save money, improve accuracy and control.

3. Reference:

• Osborne Book ‘Internal Control and accounting systems’

• Sage manual

• Collins English Dictionary 10th Edition



1. a private sector organisation, established by …, Registered Provider, in …

2. Company is a Domiciliary Care Agency, which provides care and domestic services for the elderly within 10 miles radius from … area. The agency is designed for any person who wishes to remain at home but requires some assistance with daily activities of life. This includes personal care, shopping, cleaning and meal preparation. The Registered Provider started up the business with six service users. Agency expanded over the years and currently...
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