An Analysis of the Impact of Bereavement Counselling to Reduce Death Implication to Surviving Spouses

Topics: Grief, Grief counseling, Sampling Pages: 29 (10657 words) Published: August 15, 2013
Chapter 1
1.0 1introduction
Bereavement counselling is a specialised type of counselling that involves supporting individuals who have experienced the loss of a loved one. This counselling helps them work through their grief as well as perhaps learn coping mechanisms to help them when they are on their own. Bereavement counselling is recommended for anyone, of any age whose loss seems ever whelming or whose life is being adversely affected by their grief. It is a known fact death within a family system has as profound impact on the remaining members or subsystems. This because of attachments or bonds that exist between family members or subsystems and in the event of breath of these ties, it results in anxiety, anger depression and emotional detachment. Human beings have a strong tendency to make strong affection bonds with others and react strongly when those bonds are broken. The extent to which human beings grieve a loss depends on how attaché d or close they were to the deceased. The loss brings about severe psychological wounding to a system or subsystem, and the loss together with the psychological wound brings change in a system through development crises. 1.2 Background of the study

To be able to help someone in a grief you have to understand people at different age levels, their concepts, grief reactions and potential symptoms. You also need to know how you can effectively help the bereaved. This project will, it is hoped, give the reader a fundamental knowledge about people’s grief reactions and how they can be helped. This is the challenge, which forced many to write about bereavement counselling. it is important to remember that although one may have the knowledge, this will be of little help if the person using the knowledge does not provide it within the caring, empathic relationship( Dyregrov, 1191) occasionally the bereaved needs permission to stop grieving and require help to adapt to new roles. Everybody will face a loss of a major significant relationship at least once in his or her life. Nobody gets easily over the reality of a major loss, William Worden, 1991 identifies four tasks of mourning which are accepting the reality of the loss, working through the pain of grief, adapting to an environment in which the deceased is a missing person and emotional relocations of the deceased and carrying on with life. Instead of the four given by Worden, Weiss and parkers,(1983) had only three steps that call for courage, effort and time. Recovery requires firstly intellectual acceptance of the loss, secondly, emotional acceptance and thirdly modifying one’s model of oneself and the outside world so that it fits the new reality. The death of your loved one will greatly affect your physical responses to loss: It is important that you understand that these effects are in relation to the healing process. The birth o a long awaited baby is good. The death of a loved one is a bad (Brown, 1999). It is therefore against this background that the effectiveness of bereavement counselling with special reference to the Christian community of Masvingo urban will be investigated. 1.3 Statement of the problem

How effectiveness is bereavement counselling with special reference to the Christian community of Masvingo urban. 1.4 Research sub questions
1.4.1 How should a Christian act in bereavement?
1.4.2 How frequent do Christians seek bereavement counselling. 1.4.3 What are the responses of Christian clients to bereavement counselling? 1.5 Objectives
By the end of the study the researcher should have been able to: 1.5.1 Identify the forms of bereavement among Christians
1.5.2 Suggest how bereavement counselling can be effective
1.5.3 Identify the symptoms and stages of grief work
1.5.4 Identify the impact of the grief work process in a person’s life 1.6 The purpose of the study
This study is important it leads to facilitating of expression of grief and repressed feelings by allowing clients to break down, feel...
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