An Analysis of the Film Steven Spielberg's Schindler's List

Topics: Schindler's List, Oskar Schindler, The Holocaust Pages: 5 (1747 words) Published: April 27, 2013


Schindler List is film that produced by Steven Spielberg in 1993. The film revolves around Oskar Schindler who saved the lives of over one thousand Polish Jewish refugees during the holocaust. Oskar Schindler saved the lives of the Polish Jewish refugees by hiring them his factories. The Polish Jews were relocated from the nearby areas after the Second World War started. German initiated the relocation of the Polish Jews. During this time, Oskar Schindler a business man in German came to the city from Moravia to make a fortune during the Second World War by taking advantage of the cheap labour provided by the Jewish. Schindler managed to acquire a factory after bribing Wehrmacht and SS officials who were in charge of procurement in the country. Schindler acquired a factor that produced army mess kits, but he did not know how to manage the factory. This forced him to work with Itzhak Stern who was a Jewish council. Itzhak Stern provided market for the good produced from the factory as he is familiar with the black marketers in the Ghetto and has contacts with the Jewish business community. Itzhak Stern convinced Oskar Schindler to employ polishes Jewish in his factories instead of the Catholic Poles as they were a source of cheap labour as they paid their wages to the Reich. Oskar Schindler constructed a sub camp for the Polish Jewish near the factories and protected them from being executed. This also ensured his camp was smoothly running. Oskar Schindler protects the Polish Jewish by preventing them from being moved to Auschwitz concentration camp. He also moves them to his home of Zwittau-Brinnlitz, in Moravia. Moreover, Schindler spends a large percentage of his fortune bribing various officials like Nazi officials so as to protect the polish Jewish (Spielberg &James 2004).

Creative forces behind the creation of the film

The movie Schindler List was produced and directed by Steven Spielberg. Spielberg used story boards to plan the movie and organize his ideas. The movie was shot like a documentary and the producer used other documentaries like samples. He used the twisted cross and Shoah as samples. Apart from the producer and director, other characters in the movie helped in its creation. The characters played different roles and this helped in developing the plot of the film. Oskar Schindler , Liam Neeson played the role of a businessman who saved the lives of more than one thousand Polish Jews by c hiring them in his factory. Itzhak Stern, Ben Kingsley was a business partner and accountant to Oskar Schindler. Another character was Amon Goeth, Ralph Fiennes who was the main antagonist in the movie. Amon Goeth was an assistant officer and he constructed and managed the Płaszów concentration camp. Oskar Schindler befriended Amon Goeth so as to save the Polish Jews, but he became suspicious of Oskar Schindler action as the movie progressed. Helen Hirsh, Embeth Davidtz was a young Jewish woman who worked as a housekeeper for Amon Goeth. Amon Goeth found Helen Hirschy attractive. Further, Emilie Schindler, Caroline Goodall acted as Oskar Schindler wife. Poldek Pfefferberg, Jonathan Sagall provided goods to Oskar Schindler from the black market after surviving with his wife (Keneally 2008). Other characters in the movie played minor roles though they helped in the creation of the film. Rabbi Lewartow, Ezra Dagan acted as a rabbi who acquired skills as a welder while living in Oskar Schindler camp. Wiktoria Klonowska, Malgoscha Gebel acted as Oskar Schindler mistress and Mila Pfefferberg, Adi Nitzan acted as Poldek Pfefferberg's wife. Other characters were Wilek Chilowicz, Shmuel Levy, Marcel Goldberg, Mark Ivanir, Ingrid, Béatrice Macola, Julian Scherner, Andrzej Seweryn, Rolf Czurda, Friedrich von Thun and Herman Toffel, Krzysztof Luft. Other characters are Leo John, Harry Nehring, Albert Hujar, Norbert Weisser , Juda Dresner, Michael Schneider, Chaja Dresner, Miri Fabian, Danka...
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