An Analysis of Soloist

Topics: The Soloist, Juilliard School, Nathaniel Ayers Pages: 2 (417 words) Published: September 29, 2010
The Soloist
Main Point
·Steve Lopez is a journalist, he works in Los Angeles Times ·Nathaniel lives near by Skid Row.
·Lopez and Nathaniel meet at park.
·Lopez decides to write Nathaniel’ story.
·Nathaniel play a violin with two chords.
·Lopez found out Nathaniel was Julliard’s student.
·Nathaniel is a schizophrenia.
·Lopez call Nathaniel’s sister.
·Lopez get a violin and a cello from his reader.
·Lopez want Nathaniel play it in Lamp.
Steve Lopez is a journalist. He works in Los Angeles Times. He divorced with her wife who is his superior. Lopez feels everything for him is bad. One day, he sees a violin man on Los Angeles's Skid Row. The violin man is very special, because his violin only has two strings. The violin player’s name is Nathaniel Ayers. Lopez is attracted by the music which from Nathaniel. Steve tries to talk to Nathaniel but Lopez can't understand what actually Nathaniel talks about. Lopez found out that Nathaniel is a homeless, but he was a student in Juilliard. Lopez is interested of Nathaniel’s story. So he decides to writes about Nathaniel in his column. Lopez investigates some information about Nathaniel. When the second time he met Nathaniel, he found out Nathaniel is different from other people. Lopez thinks Nathaniel gets schizophrenia. Lopez calls to Nathaniel's sister and his teacher and then he knows that Nathaniel is a genius on music. He knew that Nathaniel was good at playing cello. Lopez gets a cello and a violin from his reader and he gives them to Nathaniel at the third time he finds him. He tells Nathaniel that if he goes to Lamp and he can play cello. Lopez brings Nathaniel to see a doter. Personal Response

After I read “the soloist” page 1-100, I think this is a story about two men. Lopez has a terrible life. I think maybe Lopez meets Nathaniel is his destiny, he must have something change in his life. Nathaniel is a genius of music. I can’t understand why God so unfair, make him became a homeless. I...
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