An Analysis of Saigon Morin Hotel in Hue City Thorough 7ps in Marketing Strategies

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An analysis of Saigon Morin Hotel in Hue city thorough 7Ps in marketing strategies


The ability to market a hotel in the appropriate way to the appropriate market is essential to the success of the business. For this to succeed, those in key roles need to understand the product that they are selling and the market to which it is being sold. Managers maximize their returns through understanding the market they are operating in and applying those marketing techniques that can best attract guests.

Hotels are a service industry. Hotel products have the following characteristics: inseparability, intangibility, perishability, and variability. As society has changed, with people having more disposable income and more free time, there has been a growing awareness and desire by a greater number of people for service-orientated products such as hotels. Along with this growth, understanding is needed for the products that are being marketed.

Since the early 1960s many marketers have been using the “4Ps” marketing mix: (1) product, (2) price, (3) promotion, (4) place. Consideration is given to the change that would result from varying the product, price, promotion, and place in achievement of the organization goals. However, use of the 4Ps is limiting when considering a service orientated business such as a hotel as it does not adequately reflect the complexity of the product. In response to the limitations of the 4Ps marketing mix, Booms and Bitner (1981) proposed a 7P marketing mix. These 7Ps included the 4Ps, adding People, Process, and Physical evidence.


Marketing mix plays an important role in enhancing business efficiency of enterprises. Nowadays, it does apply to not only the material products but also the services, lodging service for example. The marketing mix has affected dramatically customer satisfaction, cutting edge of competitiveness of service enterprises… Saigon Morin Hotel is well-known as the leading hotel in Hue. However, it has been strived to overcome threats coming from the market. Above all, they are faced to the new potential competitors, such as Celadon Hotel, La Resident Hotel, Hue Green Hotel, etc…


In order to enhance the business efficiency of Saigon Morin Hotel, the study was carried out on the efforts putting the marketing mix into practice from the customer viewpoints, from which solutions was made to improve the marketing mix for the hotel businesses. The aim of my research is to assess the implementation of marketing-mix product stay at Hotel Saigon Morin, which focused analysis of state marketing-mix elements of the hotel, identifying constraint. The purpose is to propose solutions to improve marketing-mix policies contribute to resolving the issues. METHODOLOGY

Research of my topic will require the collection of many statistically figures and hard data. For this reason, I will collect a good part of the data from online sources and files. The theoretical framework is based on “Principles & Practice of Marketing” book by Jim Blythe. This framework illustrated the outline of marketing planning process for service organizations. However, the phase of formulating marketing objectives and strategies will be focused. When researching the Saigon Morin Hotel, I will depend highly on files and documentation of statistical figures as well as my ability to collect information from managers and employees via the interview process. A good part of my research period will be spent in Hue city interviewing Saigon Morin Hotel customers and non Saigon Morin Hotel consumers alike to gain differing perspectives on the hotel industry. Interviews will be conducted with the help of my uncle who is currently working for Saigon Morin Hotel. I plan to spend time in this hotel interviewing customers and employees of the hotel to understand how this hotel has personally affected the people. Furthermore, I plan...
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