An Analysis of Online Dating Agencies

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An Analysis of the Online Dating Industry

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1. Introduction3
2. Structure4
3. Competition5
4. Customers7
5. People 11
6. Strategy15
7. Regulations18
8. Partners21
9. Technology25
10. Process30
11. Conclusion33
12. Future implicationsfor the industry35
13. Appendices
a. Appendix 1 – DatingDirect as a global brand
b. Appendix 2 – Allegran subsidiary companies
c. Appendix 3 – DatingDirect on Facebook
d. Appendix 4 – Primary research
e. Appendix 5 – Advice Centre – Do’s and Don’ts f. Appendix 6 – Boolean tick box format
g. Appendix 7 – Searching options
h. Appendix 8 – Instant chat methods
i. Appendix 9 – User Interface
j. Appendix 10 –’s process flow diagrams k. Appendix 11 – DatingDirect’s process flow diagrams l. Appendix 12 – Allegran’s process flow diagrams m. Appendix 13 – Allegran’s Virgin Wine sign up incentive 14. References


This project is based on a comparative analysis of three significant industry players using Farhoomads’ DOT framework. We chose this framework as it provides a broad scope in which to explore the main competitors. By discussing the various components of the DOT framework several other environmental theories are also covered, such as PESTEL, SWOT and Porters Five Forces. We also tried to incorporate the topics and case-study questions tackled in lectures to define the main e-business issues. International Limited is owned by InterActiveCorp (IAC) and is based in Dallas, Texas. Originally set up in 1995, the company now has reportedly just over 15 million members worldwide in over 40 countries, with the site available in 15 different languages (, 2008a). The company employs just over 350 people (, 2008b) and its estimated turnover is in the region of $350m (approx £232.8m, Dallas Business News, 2008), mainly as a result of subscription fees, internal advertising on the website and due to a number of successful partnerships which have been established.

Match faces tough competition from DatingDirect, another key player in the field of online dating, recently ranked second in the UK according to the September 2008 Hitwise study, which monitors traffic on the Internet (Online Personals Watch, 2008). Launched just after Match in 1999, the company has approximately 5 million users registered in the UK alone (DatingDirect, 2008a). Based in Birmingham, the company was bought by The Meetic Group in 2007, a French based company, for a reported £27.3m (The Register, 2007). Although DatingDirect remains a UK brand, Meetic has identical services available across many different European countries, based on the same layout and process, however under the Meetic brand name (please see appendix 1 for examples). The company employs just over 100 staff of more than 10 nationalities who modify the site and verify content regularly (DatingDirect, 2008b). In 2006, the company reportedly turned over approximately £11m in 2006 (The Register, 2007), mainly from the same sources as Match.

And finally, Allegran Ltd, launched on Valentines Day on 2003, is the parent company to a number of smaller subsidiary online dating companies, including Loopy Love (2003), Dating For Parents (2006), Girls Date For Free (2004), Dreams Discovered (2005) and Quick Flirt (2006, Allegran, 2007). The company aims to focus more effectively on different segments in the market, by creating a number of smaller brands with different target markets (please refer to appendix 2). The company is based in the UK but as of 18th November 2008 it has been reported that the company was bought by EasyDate (Online Dating...

References: 2.0 STRUCTURE
Ever since the advent of the Internet back in the 1980’s, a whole new dimension was created with regard to dating, allowing people to find love online (OLPA, 2003)
Processes relate to the customer acquisition, retention, loyalty and lifetime value management capabilities of an organisation (Farhoomand, 2004)
Technology focuses on creating a customer centric integrated infrastructure, which embraces new processes, systems and technology in order ‘to collect, process and manage customer data’ more effectively (Farhoomand, 2004, p
DatingDirect employs around 100 staff of more than 10 nationalities to support its brand development on a worldwide scale (DatingDirect, 2008b)
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