An Analysis of Kate Chopin's “Story of an Hour”

Topics: Woman, Women's suffrage, Wife Pages: 3 (1173 words) Published: September 18, 2010
Throughout history, women have been restricted in their social right in silence under men’s shadow. However, as the movement for complete equality between women and men is brought up as a big issue, to have the same social quality without distinction of sex seems to have been achieved today. Furthermore, people, nowadays, know fairly well that such an inequality is not only unfair but also unjust. On the other hand, despite all the efforts that have been made to promote equality, the issue sometimes comes out as a serious problem and it is still undeniable that men are dominant in society. Therefore, it is not difficult to guess how restrained life women lived in the far past. Kate Chopin treats and shows the low social position problem of women in nineteenth-century American society in her story, “Story of an Hour”. The story, on the surface, seems to claim to stand for the theme of women’s emancipation though by giving implied hidden meaning to the main character’s death (represents the only way out for freedom), the author tells us that women can’t be set free yet. In an attempt to expose the society of her times, the author describes one woman’s miserable life. The story mainly discusses the woman’s regained freedom but, at the end of the story, the woman’s death shows that it is premature to think that women can recover their autonomy. The story begins when Louise Mallard hears the news of her husband Brently’s death in a train wreck from Richards, her husband’s friend, and Josephine, her sister. Because Louise has heart disease, they tell the news with great care. Louise first feels a great loss and cries. Then she goes to her room alone. Gazing vacantly out the window, she comes to discover her new side of which she hasn’t even been aware. She realizes that she has won back her freedom which has been deprived by her husband. While she is picturing her coming free days with great pleasure, Josephine, her sister, keeps knocking at the door, being worried...
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