An Analysis of Goosebumps Go Eat Worms

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In the book, Goosebumps go eat worms, by R.L Stine, the main character Todd collects worms and is crazy about worms. What he likes to do the most with worms is mess around with his sister. He puts them down her back and in her hair. Todd was not very nice with the worms and the worms end up in the weirdest places ever. The worms end up in Todd’s homework, clothes and baseball cap. One day Todd cuts one worm in half and four worms stick their head’s out of the dirt to watch him do it. Todd’s sister said the worms will one day get their revenge but Todd didn’t believe her. He kept on doing mean things to the worms. One day when Todd was digging in the baseball field a worm as big as a tree comes out from the dirt. The giant worm grabs Todd and squeezes him. Todd almost faints until his sister paper bird scares the worm away. Todd still didn’t learn his lesson because he began picking on butterflies after. He thought something as fragile as a butterfly could not hurt or scare him. He was wrong. He was scared off by a giant butterfly finally learning his lesson. I highly recommend this book to other. If worms gross you out, then you will be grossed out by reading this book. You will laugh and be grossed out. Get ready to experience fun and grossness. Menacingly Pg.17

Creepy Pg. 28
Decayed Pg.33
Jokes Pg.37
Revenge Pg. 58
Quivering Pg.38
Breathless Pg.116
Disgusted Pg. 79
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