An Analysis of Bud Light Commercial

Pages: 2 (690 words) Published: March 26, 2014

Bud Light Commercial
Companies are very crafty on how they market their product. It’s all about establishing an audience and then making a connection to that audience. Often its more than just a visually appealing show that these organization put on. If it’s a food then they want you to crave that particular food. If its insurance they want you to not feel secure without that insurance. If it’s a car they want you to feel unsatisfied with your current vehicle situation in place of that specific car. These emotions are how that marketer makes their connection to the audience, thus getting you to buy their product. The 2014 Bud Light uses this same method through emotions such as the need for sex, escape and to satisfy curiosity.

The need for sex is a prominent emotion this commercial appeals to. In fact I don’t believe I see one unattractive female in the whole video. My first clue that Bud Light was appealing to the need of sex was the very first thirty seconds of the clip. It appears the young man is on a blind date with an attractive female who then beckons him into a limo filled with attractive bachelorettes. What guy doesn’t want to be in a limo full of attractive woman? This is subliminally saying to the audience, “if you drink bud light you’ll be surrounded by attractive woman.” Its not about being true or not. It’s about getting the audience to subconsciously think of Bud Light as a beer that will get you girls the next time you buy beer. Common but effective, the need to escape is the theme of the entirety of this commercial. The guy even says at the end, “This is the best night of my life.” Suggesting that his life is not even close to how interesting it was that night and it was all made possible because of Bud Light. Thus he is escaping from his maybe not boring but typically routine or lifestyle. The need to satisfy curiosity is the most effective connection Bud Light makes in this commercial. At the very beginning when the guy’s blind date...

Cited: Bud Light, dir. “Ian Up for Whatever Film” Youtube. 30 January 2014. Web. 3 March 2014
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