An Analysis Of Anne Bradstreet's Poems

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Anne Bradstreet is distraught about her poems because she feels her writing is ´´unfit for light.´´ She expresses embarrassment in ´´The Author to Her Book´´ because she feels her poetry is not ready to be exhibited.Bradstreet shows shame of her own writing by describing her book as an ´´ill-form´d offspring´´(Bradstreet 1). Because she went through motherhood,Bradstreet understands that even though a child is ill or not so good looking,a mother´s love is unconditional. She uses a conceit in ´´The Author to Her Book´´,which is the comparison of the book with the child,by doing so,readers can perceive Bradstreet´s own point of view regarding her own writing.In one part of this poem,Anne mentions her poem was ´´snatched from thence by friends,less

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