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An Analysis of Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt

By CenterBrownie Apr 23, 2012 544 Words
Angela’s Ashes Summary

In Angela’s Ashes, there are multiple areas in the book where we see Frank’s maturity and growth. One part that I found the most growth for Frank was when he began working to help his mother. Frank has multiple jobs throughout the end of the book which helped him not only help his mother, but helped him get his dream to end up back in the United States. The history of his dad working jobs and then not returning wages after a few weeks made Frank want to work and prove to his mother that frank had what it took to be the man in the household. Frank started with small jobs such as his coal delivery, which led to the hospital. He then was a news delivery boy and worked for Mrs. Finucane giving money to the churches, but Frank steals in order to keep his family well kept after. I think this shows Frank might be willing to work for the money, but the genius shows us he can think and be willing to do anything for his family. He had a dream and he wanted to make sure that his family was better off than they were with his father. Franks discipline also showed during this time in knowing how his father was and trying to change his family’s name. Frank had his eyes, multiple diseases, purpose injuries, and anything else to stay in the hospital or to work. During his hospital time, Frank showed he was able to read, memorize, and enjoy poetry and writing. His paper that he made to jump up a grade made everyone surprised, but I think it shows Frank being strong and shows his working ability is outstanding and could do almost anything. The whole book actually shows how Frank is in the slumps his whole life but he does not give up at all. He proves to himself that in fact, he did not become his father and can support his family. Frank even as a child proved he was no child, but a man. His many hurtles in life showed his determination and belief in himself and his family to survive in the worst of times for them. This covers a lot of the book, but I don’t think there is a specific spot in the book that actually shows his true growth. I might have stated his work, but it is more than that. This whole book shows his growth and without one part, the others would not happen. It all clicks into the big picture of Frank becoming a successful man and his family surviving the worst of the worst in Ireland’s history. I loved the book and the story behind his life. It was a great read and I cannot believe what some people actually have to live through before they get where they are. I honestly do not think I could put up with everything he did without just giving up entirely. It really made me think about my hardships and reflect on how I handled them and think about what others go through. This book really makes me look at myself more than any other book I have read in any other English course.

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