An Analysis of Air Asia

Topics: Low-cost carrier, Customer service, Service of process Pages: 1 (313 words) Published: December 28, 2008

Customers purchase service. AirAsia cannot exist without customer support. Monitoring customers’ changing wants and needs is critical to business success. There are two basic strategies for monitoring customer: reactive and proactive. Reactive customer monitoring is responding to problems, trends, and events after they occur. AirAsia identify customer concerns by listening closely to customer complaints. Proactive customer monitoring is anticipating problems, trends, and events before they occur.

AirAsia goal is to establish itself as a leading low-cost carrier in Asia by offering guests a safe, reliable and enjoyable flying experience at an affordable price. AirAsia believe that the group’s success in attracting guests and building customer loyalty will be determined primarily by its ability to consistently offer low fares. AirAsia believes that increasing flight frequencies is important to guests who choose airlines based on low fares and scheduling convince. AirAsia emphasizes high-quality, friendly nad personal service, despite its low fares and low cost carrier model. All employees are selected trained and encouraged to provide service consistent with the group’s goals. The group has been able to maintain low insurance premium and maintenance costs. Strives to be honest nad transparent in its interaction with third parties including guests, vendors and creditors, and believes that it has developed a reputation for integrity that enhances its ability to obtain low lease rates for its aircraft, engines and other equipment and services.

AirAsia have some training like Cadet Pilot Training School and Poat-academy Training to solve the customer complaint and increase the quality of service. Cabin crew continuously undergo training, such as training regardless corporate resource management, handling of dangerous goods, handling disruptive passengers and a terrorist awareness course. Cabin crew also required to attend refresher courses on safety...
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