An Analysis of ‘Giorgio Armani’

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An Analysis of ‘Giorgio Armani’
Victoria Joana Scherer
Due: 14.12.2012
Word Count: 2219 +/- Abstract, Introduction and Conclusion not included

Table of Contents
1.Analysis of the socio-cultural framework6
Social trends6
PETA activists6
Size Zero7
Cultural evolution7
Economical evolution8
2.Analysis of the fashion trends/fads affecting the brand9
Description of major fashion trends12
Fabrics/ Materials13
3.Brand scan14
Analysis of targets/ customers14
Marketing Mix16
Analysis of fashion collections16
Competitive benchmarking compared to main competitors17
SWOT Analysis17
4.Definition of a forecasting plan18
Branding (image and recognition)18
Collection architecture18
Distribution plan19
Overall recommendations20
Press Release23

The following fashion brand forecasting plan stories Giorgio Armani’s previous and current designs, analyzing in terms of existing strategy, and market research. In the process of researching I paged through newspapers, extensively, many magazines, viewing past catwalks, scrutinized the internet media; in order to depict a sense of chosen colour, fabrics and styles, hence propose a new complete strategy. The project analyzes the four key aspects of:

1. Analysis of the socio-cultural framework (mainstreams in terms of social trends, cultural and economical evolution) 2. Analysis of the fashion trends/fads affecting the brand 3. Brand scan (analysis of targets/customers; fashion collections, competitive benchmarking compared to 2/3 competitors) 4. Definition of a forecasting plan

The reason for me to choose this brand is that I did a summer internship which I greatly enjoyed and therefore had previous knowledge on the brand which I could integrate in my research. Further, did I use the same brand for my midterm assignment, having now the opportunity to make an even greater in-depth examination of Giorgio Armani.

Giorgio Armani was born in 1934 in Piacenza, Italy. In the year 1975, he and his cohabite Sergio Galeotti founded the company ‘Giorgio Armani SpA’ in one of the worlds fashion capitals, Milan. Having studied two terms of medicine prior to the launch of the company, Mr. Armani completely changed his professional orientation when he started working as a visual merchandiser for department store ‘La Rinascente’. It was in 1990 when he first started to segment his company into sub-labels; ‘Emporio Armani’ & ‘Mani’. After some time he also created Giorgio Armani Privè, , Armani Collezioni, Armani Jeans, AX/Armani Exchange, Armani Junior, Armani Underwear, EA7, Armani Casa, Giorgio Armani Cosmetics, Armani Libri, Armani Flori, Armani Dolci and many more. The graph above, illustrates the various facets of Armani’s designs, having created a label which covers each category and customer interest. He is many celebrities favourite fashion designers; distinctive and famous for his elegant designs. His style is to be identified by unusual and unique cut combined with an elegant monochromatic colour palette. “Elegance doesn’t mean being noticed, it means being remembered.” – (Giorgio Armani) Armani is known for presenting himself in his signature simplistic style of jeans, silver/ grey t-shirt, black blazer. His look has become a holistic concept of life. Not only has he built an empire, he created a whole new world.

1. Analysis of the socio-cultural framework
Social trends
In fashion one “trend” chases the other. Nothing is as “old” as the collection of yesterday. Fashion trends are simply the surface phenomena of deeper social developments. They are the visual manifestation of desires and...

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