An Alternative Perspective

Topics: Human, Free will, Natural environment Pages: 3 (1142 words) Published: May 6, 2013
“An Alternative Perspective”
Originally, Strawson appears to be rather unique and tactful by his analogies to everyday life as well as the break down of each opposing view. Yet Glen Strawson fails to recognize the complexity of the human consciousness that distinguishes us apart from the average species. Furthermore, the belief of human beings having absolutely no free will to simply reject oneself as human. However, Strawson eloquently presents that the fact that we as humans are not completely free. Therefore, it is with mild adjustments to the philosophical concepts of free will and determinism that they exist together. According to Galen Strawson, Free will is a fallacious notion that all of humankind has become accustom too. Strawson proclaims that every behavior is based upon prior to due to hereditary and environmental means. In a more defined sense, an individual’s desire to do something is sparked because of prior experience or exposure. Even more so, the desire to want to want is caused either on behalf of biological, innate or the conditioning of one’s atmosphere. It is to say that no one is ultimately morally responsible for his or her behavior. A perfect illustration of this, are the bombers in Boston. Strawson may consider the factor that they were immigrants and therefore endured troubles when residing and adapting here in the U.S. as a foreigner. Having said this, it is simply their fate they committed the malicious crimes they did. To further analyze the personalities of the Boston bombers, Strawson could assume that they were in some way mentally or physically handicap ultimately exasperating their struggle to survive as an immigrant. Hence, the Boston bombers are not morally responsible for they could simply not help their fate. The notion that all of our behaviors and incentives as thinking beings are predetermined by genetics, society and upbringing Strawson is somewhat persuasive.

On the other hand, to say that all of our actions...
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