An Alternative Energy Source

Topics: Wind power, Energy development, Energy Pages: 1 (288 words) Published: June 3, 2013
Technology in this day become more advanced. The advancement of technology has improved the quality of our life. The invantion of electricity made people found new era. Electricity is a source of energy. There are various function of electricity such as lightening, to light up the world, connecting us from distance, spreading out news, entertaining, and for medical purpose. Electricity is produced by a battery or a wires or by dinamo machine. But there are some alternative source to produced electricity. One of those are wind turbine. Wind turbine is the best alternative energy source.

Wind turbine is a machine for converting the kinetic energy in wind into mechanical energy to produced electricity. It doesn’t pollute the atmosphere and not litter the ground. It is the cleanest energy source that can reduce global warming. Using wind energy saves our earth from the pollution of fosil fuel energy, because wind turbine doesn’t have environmental effect.

Furthermore, wind turbine is madeable. To make a wind turbine is quite simple and doesn’t need much money. The instructions are available and easy to understand. Having a wind turbine is really beneficial. One wind turbine can generate energy to supply energy for 350 houses.

Many country in Europe have used wind turbine to generate energy. That country can help protecting the world environment and produce big energy for them. Beside that, wind is the energy that will continually be produced and never be run out.

If we can use wind turbine wisely, we will get so many advantages and protect our environment. It also will never run out, because it is renewable. So, wind turbine is the best energy source that we need.

Primadhika W. Kusuma
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