An Act of Kindness I Did for Someone

Topics: Pregnancy, Family, Mother Pages: 1 (330 words) Published: June 21, 2013
In the Year 2009 , I met a cousin on my mother side of family , whos name was Dawyne McAllister, his wife Jane McAllister and their two children Joseph and John , Jane was also pregnant with a third child ,However Jane’s six months pregnant and had three more months to go. One Night my rang while I was asleep and it was Jane and Dawyne telling me they ‘re at the hospital and her water broke, I immediately go up out my bed and got dress and drave to the hospital. When I got there Jane delivered a baby girl which is a premature baby , we name Namoni McAllister . Baby Namoi being premature which she still needs time to fully develop, she wasn’t a full term pregnancy so its going to be a lot. Couple days later Jane died after the birth of namoi and unfortunately the hospital couldn’t give a reason for her death .Namoi couldn’t leave the hostipal to go home because she was born six months and needed three months to be fully develop before we can take her home. Dawyne being the head of household ,Jane being a house wife and Jane isn’t around to take care of the kids . Dawyne needed help with the kids especially with baby Namoi ,I decide that I’ll take the two kids and visit Namoi in the hositpal everyday and night for four months until she was able to go home with us . As time pass the boys Josphe and John ask for their mother but all I could do it comfort them and tell them I Love them. The baby begin gain weight ,her hair grow ,she was eating more as time pass by .she became a fully develop health bay girl and a lot of joy . It’s been three years since the death of Jane and the kids are all grown and they’re missing their mom but with the love of family and friends things are getting better.
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