An Achiever
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The achievers

Who is an achiever? Achiever is a person who achieves a selected goal within a given time, defeating the barriers and obstacles on his way until the winning pole.

Achiever is a person who strives and reaches for success despite the horrible and demeaning situations in life. For example Lord Buddha. Albert Ensteine, John Milton and Thomas Edison, can be taken as characters who made there achievements with a strong determination.They not only worked for there own self satisfaction but also they enlighten the world with their work.
Why should we be achievers?
As human beings we are blessed with lot of gifts .All of us are given a special ability for the survival . Even a blind is given an additional power to feel things around him to make him adjusted to the living.Sometimes people who are born in poverty are given unique potentials that could brighten the world. So it is the responsibility of man to make use of what was given in a maximum level and accomplish a goal with dedication and perseverance. Thus using it for the betterment of our lives and for betterment for others we can feel we are LIVING without merely EXISTING!

How should we assess our achievements? We can assess our achievements in diferrent ways.
1.Self satisfaction . Feeling of self accomplishment
2.Increase of self confidence- Increase of the trust of our abilities.We should feel more and more confident when we reach our targets successfully.
3.The usefulness of the achievement to ourselves and to the others-The productivity of the achievement should not totally self oriented but it should serve the others in a profitable way-be it your family, your work place, your village etc.

How we are going to focus on............

We should be able to take possession of our own mind and direct ourselves successfuly to the goal we have selected to reach.

Hope for the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Be a good achiever in life reach the peaks of

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