An Accident I Will Never Forget

Topics: Mind, English-language films, Consciousness Pages: 1 (427 words) Published: May 13, 2012
“Bang!” A loud crash split the silence in the bus, and I felt myself being hurled towards the seat in front of me. Then, my mind went blank…. I woke at the sound of screaming and chaos. I tried to lift my head but it felt like a million ton. I looked around and found some of the passengers beside me, trapped in their seats and unconscious. A middle-aged woman came running towards me in concern when she saw me stirred in my seat. She brought me out of the bus immediately and far away from it. After having me settled, she ran off to rescue the others without even saying a word. I looked around, mystified. What was actually happening? It was a total chaos. Everyone was running in different directions. An ambulance and a patrol car could be heard in a distance away. A few passer-bys were talking and staring at the scene. All I could see was fear, concern, grief, haste, curiosity …. Then I realise what was happening. The bus I had taken a while ago was now a wreckage, and opposite it was another smaller bus, which, at the moment, looked more like a pile of rubble. And the most frightening of all, I saw petrol gushing out from both buses! I was scared stiff and could not move even an inch. A nurse tried to get me to stay further away from the scene but I could not hear her as my mind was blank. Then, all of the sudden, “Boom!” I was thrown to the ground and agony was the only thing in my mind at that moment. My whole body felt like burning! It had all happened so fast that I could not get to picture the whole thing in my mind. I had gone to my best friend’s house and after a tiresome but excited day, I got on a bus to go home... And then…. I shook my head and stood up, unbalanced. I felt so dizzy. A surge of pain shot through my whole body. Everyone was lying on the ground. Some were trying to get up, while some were still lying there, unconscious, or maybe even dead! I shuddered at the thought. And then other patrol cars and ambulances arrived….

Till today, I still...
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