An Abundance of Katherines

Topics: Emotion, Personality psychology Pages: 3 (863 words) Published: December 19, 2013
Name: bob joe
English 11: Period 1
October 5th, 2012

The search for you innerself
In the novel An Abundance of Katherines by John Green we find how the need for social acceptance may often alter ones true identity. Everyone may have different personalities in different situations. Most people can actually forget there true self because of all their other personalities. It really all depends on the social group they'd like to belong to. I myself can connect to Lindsey in real life. Just like her I have a few sides to myself and they all come out at different times in my life, depending on where I'm trying to fit in. People change thereselves for the people they'd like to connect with. Lindsey has a special side to her she uses when shes around her boyfriend T.O.C., another one she uses around the elderly, and the side she begins to remember when she's around Colin.

The personality she uses when shes with T.O.C. is her made-up side that she decided to make to make him like her and also fit in with him. It was important for her to have a boyfriend at the time so she had to hide her true self and fake emotions because her and T.O.C. didn't have too much and common. She hated his manners and jokes but she liked that he didn't change himself for a single person and presumed to act the same in front of anyone he'd came across, that was something she wasn't capable of. The side Lindsey uses when she's around te elderly was the polite, innocent one. She always shows a great amount of respect for them and no matter how boring they may be she would let them tell her stories for hours and hours at a time, without interrupting them once, or getting annoyed. They all love her, as they loved her whole family, and they wanted her to always stay young so she could visit them forever, and they can't believe how fast she's grown since they've known her. You can tell they made her realize that she wasn't being her true self when they made her cry after all the...
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