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From what point of view is poe's story told? why is this point of view particularly effective for "The Tell -Tale Heart" ?
It is told in a participant narrator point of view. This is particularly effective because it helps us to see the killer’s mind and see is mental deterioration and hid insanity.

2. Point to details in the story that identify its speaker as an unreliable narrator.
From the begging of the story the narrator declares himself mad, and then the reader sees that thats a fact an advantage. That is the fist time the reader sees that his not unreliable. Anyone who kills a man because his eyes fixes on him it is obviously mad. Throughout the story the reader can see that the narrator is seeing and hearing things that aren't there.

3. What do we know about the old man in the story?  what motivates the narrator to kill him?
We don't know very much of the old man. From the fist paragraphs the reader can see the old man has some amount of wealth. The reader also know the old man haves a pale blue eye with an opacity over it.

4. In spite of all his precautions ,the narrator does not commit the perfect crime. What trips him up?
He surprise the old man and due to shrieking of the old man while he was killing him the neighbors heard the shriek and call the police to see if everything was okay.

5. How do you account for the police officers' chatting calmly with the murderer instead of reacting to the sound that stirs the murderer into a frenzy?
They knew something was up the minute they saw the narrator acting weird, so they just pretended they didn't know anything, they were doing reverse psychology so the killer would lose his mine and surrender.
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