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Topics: Amway, Direct selling, Hygiene Pages: 2 (667 words) Published: March 10, 2011
Amway-Global Leader in Direct Selling
Amway is a global leader in direct selling, with over three million Independent Business Owners (IBOs) in over 80 countries and territories around the world. No other direct selling company can compare with their longevity, stability, and global reach. For more than 50 years, Amway Corporation has enabled people to have a business of their own. Originally known for direct selling of our household cleaning products, such as SA8 Laundry Detergent and L.O.C. Liquid Organic Concentrate, this business opportunity is now supported by an excellent portfolio of hundreds of high-quality products and brands that can only be purchased through Amway IBOs. Why People Choose the Amway Business Opportunity

People join this business for a variety of reasons. Some become IBOs simply to be able to purchase products for their own personal use at a reduced cost. Others join in order to direct sell the products to others, earning a profit on each sale and additional financial benefits based on their sales volume. Business builders not only sell products; they also sponsor others to join the business. They are compensated for their own sales and well as the sales of those they sponsor, receiving incentive bonuses that increase as their own sales force increases. All IBOs have the identical opportunity to grow a successful business. Each business owner is compensated in direct proportion to his or her efforts. Amway Products

They are proud of their products, which generally fit into the health and beauty categories. Their focus has been on developing products that outshine the competition so that they can give their IBOs the competitive edge they need to build strong, thriving businesses. ARTISTRY Cosmetics and Skin Care, Amway scientists and formulators have developed the complete line of ARTISTRY cosmetics, now ranked as one of the top five prestige cosmetic brands in the world. Along with the beautiful color products...
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