Amusement Park

Topics: Variable cost, Cost, Total cost Pages: 36 (9283 words) Published: January 29, 2009
Cover Sheet


Main Sea view,
Plot. # 67 next to McDonalds, D.H.A Karachi.


Mehwish Awais,
Amina Tariq,
Tahira Jamal,
Furqan Zaheer and
Shiraz Ahmed

Date: 20th April, 05
Executive Summary


To be the premier Pakistani entertainment providers with a global reach, passionately pursuing value creation for all our customers. Objectives

➢ Our objective is to achieve consumers’ satisfaction and loyalty by providing them with quality service, product and entertainment. ➢ To be the market leaders in entertainment industry in the next 5 years. ➢ To provide quality entertainment in order to prevent people from seeking entertainment from abroad.

Description of business

This business will provide entertainment to middle and upper class people. Entertainment provided by ‘Wet and Wild’ includes parasailing, wave runners, paddleboats, sailing, fast food, Sheesha, live band performance, and other water sport equipments. Customers are charged according to the services they use and no membership is required, as compared to Marina club and Dream world.

Financial Budget

Initial financing requested is Rs.14million loan to be paid off over 5 years to Saudi Pak leasing company. This debt will cover office space, construction cost and infrastructure and leased water equipments. The other details are clearly stated in our financial data with the help of cash flows, profit and loss statements and balance sheet. Marketing Plan

The plan will benchmark our objectives for sales promotion, mass selling, and personal selling. We are focusing our marketing efforts on the MIDLLE AND UPPER CLASS families who have life style of hanging out on the weekends and people who look for adventurous but safe entertainment. We will implement a strategy that treats these customers as a community. This means our marketing resources will be centered on both sales promotions (events, displays) and personal sales (customer service, friendly atmosphere).

Operational Plan
The operational plan needs to be incorporated in the business plan of Wet and Wild. This is because the machinery and equipment used to offer the services, require maintenance on daily basis, and to take precautions against the unusual damages that will occur due to the misuse by the customers.

Table of contents

Definition of the Market6
Competitors Analysis8
Target Market13
Description of Venture14
Description of Products and Services17
Background of Entrepreneurs27
Operational Plan28
Goals and Objectives30
Promotional & Advertisement Budget35
Organizational Plan37
Risk Assessment39
Financial plan40

Definition of the Market

Market and Industry Analysis
Future trends in Karachi will be in our favor for the upcoming years- Water sports in general and (water) entertainment in particular are gaining exposure. Aladdin Water Park, Suzi Water Park, Dream World, Marina Club and other locations are clear evidence of this trend. According to a survey the attendance over weekends at Sea View raised drastically in past 3 months as compared to what it was at the time of oil spill. This shows that the demand for products offered by Wet and Wild will increase in the coming year.

Lifestyle of Karachi is uniquely cosmopolitan. In Karachi, loud music booms from clubs and restaurants with names like Cafe Kaldi, Gun Smoke, Area51, Evolution, etc. Teen-agers hang out in shopping plazas, sipping soft drinks and share their love to the city and its unique lifestyle.

During weekends thousands of citizens from all walks of life visit beaches. At weekends going to Suzi Water Park, Paradise Point, Sandspit, Hawks Bay, Cape Mount, French Beach, Sonera Point, Gadani and Sonmiani is a...
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