Amur Leopards

Topics: Tiger, Hunting, Extinction Pages: 3 (857 words) Published: June 4, 2013
Amur Leopard


Along with many other wild animals of the world today, the Amur leopard is on the brink of extinction. According to [insert name here] (2012) the wild Amur leopard population has dwindled to about 70 left throughout the far southeast of Russia, along the border of China and North Korea and bounded on the west by the Sea of Japan (Laura Klappenbach 34). In order to preserve the unique Amur leopard species from becoming extinct, it is absolutely necessary to set up conservation methods and policies in order to effectively prevent the extinction of the Amur leopard species. With the Amur leopards being such fearsome, powerful, creatures that are the embodiment of grace, the government has to protect perhaps one of the most striking creatures on the planet.

This endangered species has a glorious appearance. Amur leopards can easily be told apart from other leopard species because of their stunning rosette sports surrounded by their thick, black borders. Apart from their winter coat, they have an orange, black, and ivory-white coat that is more distinctive in the summer, and fades as winter approaches. Varying on the season, the pelts can be 7 cm long during the winter, but become replace during the summer with a their pelt being 2.5 cm (Jackson P, 2008). As for their eyes, they are acknowledged to have light, blue-green eyes. Amur leopards’ longer tails and legs than other Amur leopards and in addition, they also have paler skin.

The fault for the Amur leopard facing the likelihood of extinction is because of man; man who had depleted them of their habitat and community as well as poaching them, poachers are responsible for casting them near extinction. One of the rarest felines, with the exquisite skin pattern becomes so valuable that enormous amounts were killed. People hunt and poach the Amur leopard, but not only is that enough to lead them nearly to extinction, but they also hunted on the animals they...
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