Amphetamines Should Not Be Legalized

Topics: Criminology, Victimless crime, Amphetamine Pages: 2 (410 words) Published: September 10, 2006
Amphetamines should not be legalized.
Nowadays the topic of legalizing some drugs is brought to discuss by many people. If we talk about marijuana, I will say that it is worth to consider. But as for amphetamines, which become a big problem in many countries, I don't think they should be legalized.

First of all, amphetamines have many bad effects. They are addictive and dangerous. They cause many health problems, both physical and mental, to the users. When using amphetamines, users develop a rapid tolerance to the drugs and have to increase the dose to reach their desire and eventually become addicted to them. Long term use of amphetamines can result in depression, insomnia, Amphetamine Psychosis and aggressive and suicidal behavior. In case of overdose, they may suppress breathing and nervous system that cause the user to be unconscious and even die. Amphetamines abuse also leads to crime as we often see in the newspaper headlines from people committing crime to pay for them, like robbery, to committing crime while doing them, like attacking people or taking hostage because of hallucinations. So how can we prevent these incidents when we permit thing that can cause them. Some might say why don't legalize amphetamines so that we would be able to control them. I don't think that will be effective because when you legalize them, it means that you are telling people that it's ok to use them. And that won't be good. There will be more people turn to amphetamines as a recreation or a performance enhancement, more people addicted to them, more money wasted on buying them and more crime caused by them. Then we find ourselves back to the same or may be worse situation. So how can we call that a control. Moreover, if we make speed legal, then people want coke, then heroin and etc. Legalizing amphetamines is a very risky solution. In my opinion, it is better to continue using the present measure. The regulation and the punishment of amphetamines are acceptable...
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