Ampalaya Seeds as Coffee

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Chapter 1 - Introduction
Background of the Study With this study, researchers can learn that coffees are not only used for drinking, but it has also negative effects that can affect our health. Since our world today has problems in which it can be indispensable part of daily life whether as a morning pick-me-up, an afternoon energy booster or simply a treat between meals. According to the National Coffee Association’s 2010 survey of coffee drinking trends, 58 percent of Americans indulge in a cup of joe in a daily basis. Despite its popularity, the potential health risks for occasional and devoted drinkers alike. The global spread of coffee growing and drinking began in the Horn of Africa, where. According to the legend, coffee tress originated in the Ethiopian province of Kafka. It is recorded that the fruit of the plant, known as coffee cherries, was eaten by slaves taken from present Sudan into Yemen and Arabia through in Yemen by the 15th century and probably much earlier. In an attempt to prevent its cultivation elsewhere the Arabs imposed a ban on the export of fertile coffee beans, a restriction that was eventually circumvented in 1616 by the Dutch, who brought live coffee plants back to the Netherlands to be grown houses. Nestle Philippines dominates coffee with an 87% share of off-trade value sales in 2011 to reach Ps 26.7 billion. The company holds almost a monopolistic position through its Nescafe brand. Nestle Philippines takes advantage of its long-standing presence in the Philippines and Nescafe has become synonymous with coffee and coffee mixes. Nescafe has developed a very wide base of loyal consumers through its brand equity, established by aggressive advertising. The company has focused on innovation in ordered to remain competitive. The launch of new Italian coffee flavours and new variants and a focus on the health benefits of coffee have kept customers excited about the brand. Filipino consumers continue to seek value for their money amid higher than expected inflation in 2011. This brought significant advantages to coffee mixes (eg 3-in1, 4-in1, and 5-in1) which have widened its customer base. Aside from the value that coffee mixes offer to buyers, costumers also interestingly appreciate the convenience of a pre-mixed hot drink sold in a single serve package. The availability of lower-priced brands like Kopiko and San Mig Coffee has boosted the penetration of these products among lower income consumers who are more prices conscious. Statement of the Problem

The main problem of the study is to make coffee from ampalaya seeds. It also answers the following problems: 1. What are the characteristics of the different ampalaya coffee samples in terms of: a. Color

b. Aroma
c. Taste
2. What is the acceptability of the different ampalaya coffee samples prepared? Is there a significant difference on the characteristics and acceptability of the different ampalaya coffee samples? Significance of the Study

1. Persons with high sugar level – It can help lower their sugar level. 2. Cancer patients – It kill cancer cells and prevents it for multiplying. 3. Persons who have skin allergies – It will lessen the itchiness and inflammation of the skin allergies. Review of Related Literature

Ampalaya (Momordica charantia) is a tropical plant largely found in Asia, South America, East Africa and the Caribbean. Often referred to as bitter melon or bitter gourd, its fruit is used in both food preparation and alternative medicines. The juice, seeds and oil extract of the unripened fruit are thought to hold medicinal qualities due to the high concentration of vitamins, minerals and alkaloids. Supplementing the diet with the fruit, juice or extract is said to prevent or treat a number of diseases, disorders and infections. Ampalaya (Momordica charantia) also known as bitter melon or bitter gourd is a climbing vine and the tendrils of which grow up to 20...
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