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Eliminating Navy Owned Maintenance Facilities

Group Number:3
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Date:19 August 2011

• Introduction

“…we are becoming much more challenged in our ability to meet additional demands while sustaining the health of our force…” --CNO Vision 2011

A significant maintenance backlog exists in the Naval Surface Force. Continuing fiscal constraints require cost-reduction measures while maintaining capabilities. One consideration in the realm of surface ship maintenance is the total elimination of government facilities and installations, expected to maximize the available “wrench-turning” dollars. Under the assumption of no installations by 2035, how can effective surface ship maintenance be accomplished?

• Background/Discussion

Organizations limit potential solution sets for difficult problems to those containing known practices, even if evidence suggests that known practices will not meet the future requirements. In this case, the current processes for Navy conventional surface ship maintenance may not be the best solution, or even a possible solution, for sustaining the surface force in the future:

- Current process/budgets produced the current maintenance backlog - Future budgets are expected to be substantially reduced

- Reduced procurement may mandate extended service life of current platforms

In essence, the maintenance community will be asked to do much more with much less. For the purpose of this exercise, the assumption of “no installations by 2035” will remove the constraints of the status quo from the potential solution set.

• Proposed Solution

The first stage in achieving no Navy installations by 2035 is eliminating tenant commands and shifting those responsibilities. We propose the elimination of Navy conventional surface ship maintenance facilities in San Diego by 2025. Resulting recapitalization from facility closure will provide additional resources to perform...
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