Amore Pacific

Topics: Cosmetics, Personal care, Marketing Pages: 3 (966 words) Published: December 25, 2012
With low-barriers to entry, the competitive business environment of the cosmetics industry requires companies to secure stable sales channels, and make great marketing efforts to differentiate its products. However, the cosmetics industry is closely related to the fashion industry which is constantly changing and offer potential growth opportunities. Consequently, cosmetic products typically have short product life-cycles because which require mass-customization capabilities and production agility. Personal Care

On the other hand, personal care products business is a relatively a mature industry. Also with a low-barrier to entry, the domestic market is currently saturated with competition. In addition, the emergence of large-scale discount stores and new sales networks has called for rapidly changing marketing and distribution channels. Consequently, the domestic personal care products industry is focusing on developing niche markets by differentiating its product as offering higher quality and value. 1.2. Overview of AMOREPACIFIC

AMOREPACIFIC Corporation (“AMOREPACIFIC” or “the Company”) aims to become a global beauty company with its core businesses in cosmetics and personal care and health products. Founded in 1945 as a Pacific Chemical Company, AMOREPACIFIC Corporation has been involved in beauty products. Cosmetic brands of Amorepacific include: HERA, Sulwhasoo, LIRIKOS, Hyosia, Verite, Laneige, IOPE, MAMONDE, Haneul, TeenClear, Primera, Lolita Lempicka, Odyseey, MIRAEPA, INNISFREE, ETUDE, Espoir, Castelbajac, ANnick Goutal. Personal care brands are MIse-en-Scene, Ryoe, Happy Bath, Dantrol, Median, and Songyewm. Health care brands are consisting of O’Sulloc, VB Program, Ogarden, Natural Beauty Food, Ketotop. With the corporate vision of “The World will know us as the ‘Asian Beauty Creator',” AMOREPACIFIC seeks to push the boundaries of traditional beauty with innovative solutions drawn from its rich Asian heritage. The Company also...
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