Ammendmeantas for D2 assignment on the skeletal system

Topics: Cardiac muscle, Muscle, Muscle contraction Pages: 2 (462 words) Published: February 26, 2014
+Amendments for D2:
Skeletal muscles allows for many different types of muscle contractions such as eccentric, concentric, isometric and isokinetic. These muscles are voluntary and the contractions produced have a huge impact on Wilkinson’s game. For example when he is striking a ball his quadricep contracts concentrically to produce force onto the ball. The more powerful the muscle the bigger the contraction, therefore if Johnny improves the strength of his quadriceps his kicking distance could potentially improve. In comparison to this smooth muscle does not have such a direct impact on Wilkinson’s game. However it is important for his success. His lungs are made of smooth muscle, these enable him to oxygenate his blood for the muscles. The stronger the lungs the better his cardiovascular performance will be in his game. Also smooth muscle is key for digestion, Wilkinson needs to be physically big and have an edge on his opponents. His smooth muscle in his digestive system is key for the absorption of protein which is a key nutrient for muscle growth. This clearly shows that smooth muscle helps Wilkinson gain muscle and enables him to have a physical edge in his game of rugby. Skeletal muscles help Wilkinson’s game by working in antagonistic pairs. One muscle relaxes to allow the other to contract and excurse force. This is helpful to Wilkinson’s game because it enables him to do things like hand off players. This is made possible by his bicep relaxing and his tricep contracting to make his arm straight. This function is not evident in either cardiac or smooth muscle. Type 1 muscle (slow twitch oxidative) is evident in many Athletes such as long distance runners, cyclists and long distance swimmers. This is because these athletes have a high demand of oxygen in their muscles and need their muscles to endure long periods of working time. However in rugby muscle type one is not so evident anymore. Rugby is only 20 minutes of actual working. This means that...
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