Amish Religion Essay

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Amish Religion
Joady Wagaman
ANT 101: Introduction to cultural Anthropology
Professor Henderson
Ashford University
August 2, 2010

Amish Religion
The Amish religion requires them to abide by the rules of their bible, just like many other religions follow the rules of their bibles as well. The Amish must also follow a consistent behavior with many rules and regulations.

Their religion has come to amaze many nearby neighbors and communities. The strength that the Amish have through their religion is something a lot of us have come to envy. They bring pride to their on-lookers and amazement to their own beliefs.

The Amish religion started back in the early 1600’s; The Amish were followers to the Mennonite elder Jackob Ammann in Switzerland, Alsace, and Germany. Jackob was a strong leader, everyone listened to his word. They were followers of the Mennonite. He spoke the words of lying to another would excommunicate you from all in the Mennonite communities. Which they now consider that to be “shunned” leave the Amish community and no communication is allowed to another member of the church or community.

In the 18th century the Amish settled in American, However while doing so they split themselves from the Mennonite in to two separate groups; “Old Order” The Amish and “New Order” The Mennonite. The Mennonites have spread future through America than the Amish. The Amish have settled in a few states; such as Ohio, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Indiana, and Kansas.

The Religion of the Amish is what makes them who they are. The strict following of the bible is taken into context like no other religion. Their entire way of life is based on what is written in their bible, from the way they dress, the way they wear their hair all the way to the reasons why they have no electric or motorized forms of transportation. Many other religion groups have great and strict followers, but in the United States, Amish is the modest and forgotten by others form of religion. Unless you live near an Amish community you will not think of them on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis. This is because you will not walk past them in the grocery store, the mall, the gas station or look over at them at a stop light. They do not cause violence nor do they believe in violence. So you will not see them on T.V. or see them on the internet. This is another rule in their religion. They do not allow their photo to be taken; they believe that photos violate the biblical teaching against making graven images. They also believe pictures will hurt their self pride. They will often put a hat in front of their face, or their hands over their face.

The Amish want to remain as plain simple as possible. Since their religion does not allow violence the Amish did not partake in the American civil war. They also due not participate in any form of government assistance, such as social security, assistance and health insurance. The Amish work so well together as a community that no outside assistance is really needed. If the Amish get sickly the bible does allow them to seek a doctor outside of the community. This doctor is usually a small practice that the Amish are familiar with, and they mostly all use the same doctor. However for years they did not immunize their children for their religious reasons but now it is becoming more popular to do so for the well being of the child. The elder men and women in the community have many home remedies that they will recommended if someone is ill before being seen by a doctor. However if it is necessary for an Amish person to be hospitalized the community will pull together with anonymous donations and pay the bill. Most of the babies are born home as well with a well trained midwife by their side. The Amish do not believe in birth control as well so they will often have has many as ten children in a family. They enjoy more children...

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