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A Little Taste Of Amish

The Amish are a very conservative community and are strong in their beliefs. The way that the Amish choose to live their lives has landed them with a few stereotypes and most of them being true, but they all hold reason behind them and don’t seem to have an effect on the way they live. Going into the community and seeing their lives first hand gave me a realization and showed me the reasons behind the way Amish live their lives. The Amish are normal people just like everyone else, their past and the way they live just make their lifestyles different than what we are used to. A Little Taste Of Amish

No matter what community or group you belong to, with the society we live in today, there will always be stereotypes and labels given. Take the Amish community for an example, I’m sure when you hear the word Amish a few typical stereotypes come to mind. I’ve always thought that it would be impossible to live a life being Amish, especially being a teenage girl. Whenever I would see an Amish family in town I would question myself, how miserable their lives must be. After getting the chance to interact and observe an actual Amish community, believe it or not their ways of life and their culture is extremely intriguing. The stereotypes and the things you always assume are most of the time pretty accurate. In this paper I’m going to explain how the reality of the Amish life compares with the stereotypes that they are given and explain the Amish’s views toward these stereotypes. .

Some stereotypes that are placed on the Amish are that they don’t use electricity, their children don’t get an education, woman are inferior to men, and they make or grow everything that they use. Nobody wants to be judged for the way that they choose to live their lives, the Amish are constantly judged for the way that they live. We try to offer help to them and let them see into our world but the Amish are content in the ways that they choose to live their lives and no amount of convincing will change this for them. If you didn’t get to interact with a community you wouldn’t have any idea of the way that things actually work in an Amish community, I know I had no idea. Even though they live a very conservative lifestyle, to them this is the way that everyone should be living.

The Amish Lifestyle came to the United States in the 1700’s in search for a freedom for religion and ever since then they have been here, they are very tight nit in the ways that they worship and the ways that they live their lives. Although most of the Amish are farmers some are black smiths or work on buggies and others work in their own stores or restaurants. They have large families to help work on the farms or in their markets. As you can see in the picture to the right the homes that they live in are extremely spacious to support their large families. Living in a home this large would usually have a large utilities bill but in the case of the Amish this isn’t a problem. The most prominent stereotype is that the Amish do not use electricity in their homes or stores; instead they use their wood stoves to provide heat and gas lamps to provide them with light. I find it amazing that the Amish make everything that they use and unlike most people, depend on everyone else to provide for them. Having to live by candle light and using a stove in the winter to stay warm or opening your homes windows in the summer to stay cool is something that I could never do. The stereotype of not using electricity is most definitely true but the Amish don’t believe in wasting money on unnecessary things and electricity is one of the things that they consider unnecessary.

The reason that Amish chose to live the way they do isn’t because they want to be different than society they are living in the footsteps of their ancestors and don’t plan on changing that. They believe that worldliness will interfere with the relationship that they share with...

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