Amir’s Sacrifices for Baba’s Love

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Amir’s Sacrifices for Baba’s Love

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Amir’s Sacrifices for Baba’s Love

Children often feel the need to get constant approval from their parents. No matter how indifferent they may seem, they still take deep satisfaction in making their parents proud. In the novel, The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, the main character Amir is no different than any other child. He has a constant urge to be praised and recognized by his father. This desire may perhaps be even greater than most children due to Baba’s aloofness towards Amir. Amir goes to extreme lengths to please his father, sacrificing many important things along the way. To please Baba, Amir changes his personality, gives up his own peace and sanity, and sacrifices Hassan. Believing these costs to be worth Baba’s love, Amir easily surrenders them. However, it is not until after he has already given up everything does he come to realize that he has lost much more than he has gained. When Amir is first introduced as a young boy, he appears to be soft hearted and quite innocent. When bullies happen to attack him and Hassan he is shown to never fight back. He allows Hassan to fight for him instead of choosing to stand up for himself. This trait gets noticed by Baba who expresses his concerns to Rahim Khan. Baba believes that “a boy who won’t stand up for himself becomes a man who can’t stand up to anything” (Hosseini 24). Rahim Khan argues with Baba, trying to make him understand that Amir just does not have it in himself to be mean to others. When Amir overhears this conversation, something in him changes. It is at this point that Amir subconsciously starts to mould his personality into the personality that he thinks Baba would prefer more. He believes that being meaner and more aggressive is the way that Baba wants him to be. This is why Amir convinces himself that “Rahim...
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