Topics: Germany, Weimar Republic, Adolf Hitler Pages: 4 (1352 words) Published: February 22, 2013
“The Weimar Republic collapsed because of the economic problems faced by Germany”

The Weimar republic, created almost by accident on the 9th of November 1918, lasted only fifteen years. The reasons for its collapse are many and varied and while the economic difficulties faced by the republic significantly contributed to its collapse, these difficulties would not have happened had it not been for other influencing factors. Essentially the collapse of the Weimar republic began with its creation. The republic itself was formed without much forethought, and through this, issues such as a lack of democratic tradition, psychological disillusionment, the presence of proportional voting, and flaws in the constitution arose. In turn these factors created a situation in which hyperinflation were allowed to take hold. This situation therefore, created a political climate in Germany where a leader such as Hitler could gain a reputable following and eventually collapse the republic.

Germany, unlike many of the other major world players of the era had never experienced a truly democratic government. As one of the conditions of the Treaty of Versailles, Germany had to impose a democratic government system in the hope that a situation like World War One would never occur again. Germany had, in the past, been run as an authoritarian state with a strong military presence. In the past, (1840’s) attempts at a liberal revolution were downtrodden; the need for German liberalism was always overshadowed by the force of German nationalism and the need for German unity. When this new governing system was forced upon the German people after the signing of the treaty by the ‘November Criminals’ the country found that it was ill prepared for this change and unwilling to embrace it. Psychological disillusionment came into play when many of the German people began to blame the republic for the problems faced by their country. Under the rule of the Kaiser the country had...
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