Topics: American Civil War, United States, Confederate States of America Pages: 2 (809 words) Published: April 5, 2013
America’s founding documents (Articles of Confederation, declaration of independence, constitution) assumed that we were a nation of independent nations united with limited power delegated to the federal government. Each state had a right to secede from the union if the union or other states abused its power. The idea of secession was first raised in the north long before the south. One of those times was the Louisiana Purchase when the north was afraid the area. Tariffs were a major concern for the south. The North had more representatives in congress because they had a larger population. And they used that power to increase taxes on foreign goods forcing Americans to buy northern products. Would be cheaper the foreign goods through goods. They did these so northern products. The United States, North, South and West all had different ways of thinking. Viewed religion differently and had different destiny and had a different view of their destiny in life. From 1816 up to the start of the Civil War, the USA government passed a number of tariffs that benefited northern business these tariffs and was followed by other planned to use force until a resolution was reached. The Missouri Compromise. Congress decided that everything above Missouri is free, and everything below is slave. Kansas and Nebraska Act. Congress passed a bill that each state should decide if they wanted to be free or slave. Revolutions go to America and preach nationalism.

Karl Markz thought the Communism Manifesto theory, which teaches that everything is the governor’s. The Supreme Court, passed a bill that made slaves a man’s property. Nationalism takes hold.
Mr. Brown tried to destroy an armory, and give guns to freed Negroes. To over throw the government at Harpers Ferry. Abraham Lincoln is elected in 1861.
South Carolina secession all the newspaper in the North, being owned by wealthy businessman, wrote articles against the South. Lincoln was not willing to give up or reduce the tariffs;...
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