Topics: African American, Black people, African American culture Pages: 6 (1600 words) Published: November 23, 2014
Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University
Department of History and Political Science

AMH 2091.2
Introduction to African American History
Fall/2014/3 credit hours
Tucker Hall; 333

Instructor: Dr. Shakir
Office: 455 Tucker Hall
Office Hours: Mon. & Wed. 3:00p.m.-5:00p.m.
or by appointment
Phone: 850-561-2062

Course Description: This course examines the history of people of African descent from the origins of civilization to the twentieth century. We will discuss the social, cultural, economic and political factors which have shaped the African American experience. Some of the issues we will examine are: the African Origins of Civilization, the growth and maturation of Western Empires of Africa, the forced migration of Africans to the Americas, the U.S. Civil War and Reconstruction, the African-American health and healing experience, leadership in the African-American community, Pan-Africanism and African Diaspora, the evolution and impact of ideologies of Jim Crow, progressivism; cultural life during the era of the Harlem Renaissance and the modern Civil Rights movement and its aftermath. Additionally, this course provides students with an introduction to major themes in African-American History from a thematic and chronological approach. This class will be delivered primarily through lectures, videos, power point presentations.

Course Objectives: Students will demonstrate that they have acquired an understanding of African-American history, through their performance on their exams and critical essays. Students will be expected to keep up with the reading, which will be supplemented as needed. Students will also be expected to take notes on the documentaries shown in class as relevant information will be incorporated into the examinations and critical essays.

Class Requirements

Required Readings: Freedom On My Mind: A History of African Americans, by Deborah Gray White, Mia Bay and Waldo E. Martin, Jr., 2013. ISBN# 978145767179; [Bedford/St. Martin]. (hard copy)
Electronic Copy-e-Book: Freedom on My Mind, Combined Volume (Access Card) ISBN: 978-1-4576-5217-2

Go Sound the Trumpet!: Selections in Florida's African American History, Fifth Edition by David Jackson and Cantor Brown, Jr. ISBN# 978-187-985-242-6, [University of Tampa Press].

Blackboard: All students must log into Blackboard daily. The course syllabus, assignments and announcements will be posted on Blackboard. The link for Blackboard can be found on the website under the quick links section.

Required Reading: Students are required to keep up with the reading assignments as this is an essential part of the course. Reading assignments must be completed before class not only because you will be tested on the material but because it will enable you to have a greater understanding of the issues and conflicts of the historical period under study. Moreover, lectures will not merely repeat materials in the readings, but rather build on them. Therefore, if you have not completed the reading assignments before class, you may find yourself lost.

Attendance and Participation: Students are expected to actively participate in class by completing all required assignments which include readings and exams. Attendance is expected and mandatory. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of every class. It is the students’ responsibility to attend class meetings and to arrive on time to be counted on the roll. If you are absent for more than 3 classes, you will receive an F in the course. Excused absences for emergencies are permitted with proper documentation from the Dean’s Office. Also, no I grades will be given in this class.

Exams: There will be two midterm examinations and a final examination in this course. All examinations are multiple choice’. Ten days to weeks before examinations, students will receive a set of topics and themes...
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