AMH2 Theodore Roosevelt Project

Topics: Theodore Roosevelt, Nobel Peace Prize, Nobel Prize Pages: 5 (291 words) Published: June 4, 2015
1.What Theodore Roosevelt was known for:
He advocated the conservation movement which allow federal protection for as much as 230 million acres of land, 150 national forests, 51 federal bird reservations, 5 national parks and 18 nation monuments. Created a domestic policy named ‘Square Deal’ to break down major Monopolies. Reformed the Sherman Antitrust Act. This separated the railroad giant Northern Securities Company. Ended the coal strike in Pennsylvania in 1902 by threatening to use soldiers to take over the mines. The coal miners and owners knew they would lose money if this happen, so they accepted an arbitration commission.

2. What Theodore Roosevelt was known for:
Also referred to as the “Trust Buster.”
Negotiated with the congress to pass the Pure Food Act along with the Drug Act in 1906. These acts made it better to regulate food production and labeling.

3.Theodore Roosevelt Accomplishments
Being the first Statesman honored with the Nobel Peace Prize. Won the noble peace prize for negotiating peace in the Russo-Japanese war in 1904-1905. Started the construction of the Panama Canal by formally departing from Colombia Dissolved around 44 monopolistic corporations

In 1902 he passed Newlands Reclamations Act to water the dry parts of the land in the West.

4. Theodore Roosevelt Accomplishments
Wrote four volumes of “The Winning of the West.
He wrote “Good Hunting, “ “The Great Adventure,” and “The Autobiography of Theodore Roosevelt.” He Also wrote dozens of other books as well.


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