Americas Before Columbus

Topics: North America, United States, Indigenous peoples of the Americas Pages: 4 (1286 words) Published: February 22, 2013
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North America

Before the Europeans explorers had arrived, the descendants of the prehistoric pioneers and later migrants - the Native Americans - had formed a variety of tribes throughout North America. Each tribe was related. Some were simple nomads who roamed through the west of the continent, while some were forest dwellers who worked as hunters and fishermen. The southwest region of North America was home to the farming people of the Pueblo country, inhabiting substantial cities of stone or adobe (clay). In the Four-Corners (Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico) area was where the Anasazi people (a.k.a. the “ancient ones”) were settled. Their culture began in about 100 BC. Along the Mississippi we villages of the Mound Builders who built giant earthworks atop which they worshiped their gods. At this time, the Native Americans spoke many different languages, some as different from each other as Italian from English. More than 200 languages and dialects were developed. There were great variations in customs and traditions from tribe to tribe.

Much of North America was not a very good for people to live in, which is why not that many people lived in North America around 1500. In the northern regions, it’s too cold to support very many people. The winters are too long to grow crops, and there was’t enough plant life growing in the wild to support people unless there was a lot of land for each person.

In the southwest, there are huge deserts, and even most of the way up the Pacific coast (in what is now California) it is generally too dry for farming. You can only farm using irrigation. The early Pueblo people used irrigation for farming. The Great Plains, in the middle of the continent, is a grassland for herds of animals like the buffalo, but mostly still too dry for farming without the use of irrigation. People in the Plains lived by mainly hunting buffalo. In the Rocky Mountains, soil was also was no good for farming....
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