Americans Philosophy Of Child And Adolescent Development

Topics: Leisure, Adolescence, Recreation Pages: 3 (1181 words) Published: March 18, 2016
Psych 412
Penn State
Dr. Love
Article Reflections #5
During high school, I was a part of the marching band so i spent much of my leisure time practicing with the band. This was a structured activity because we all had to cooperate and respect the leaders and listen to the rules or else nothing would ever get done. I also had a parttime job at the local mall as a cashier. Much of my leisure time away from school was also spent here to have extra money to spend on going out with friends. This was also a structured activity because there were obviously rules that needed to be followed and I wasn’t free to just do whatever i wanted while at work. Most of the rest of my time was spent on the internet on Facebook or Instagram. This is an unstructured activity because i was just having fun by myself and exploring the internet and playing around without any adult supervision. I had complete freedom. I also spent a majority of my time hanging out with my best friends. We had formed sort of a clique. This was also an unstructured activity because there wasn’t any adult supervision and i got to pick who my friends were and we chose what we wanted to do each day so we had complete freedom, once again.

Americans’ philosophy of child and adolescent development: when americans believe that children need to be children and just play and have fun and basically just have unstructured time to themselves in order to find their inner self. No parents should be around because youth should have freedom. They would approve of my time spent hanging out with friends and on the internet but not while i was working and in the marching band because the first two are unstructured while the last two are structured. Protestant ethic philosphy: they see unstructured leisure activities as wasted time that could have been better spent by studying or working or preparing for the future. Spending time with friends is especially wasteful. They would approve of my working at the mall and being in...
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