Americans Are Too Concerned with Material Goods

Topics: Need, Want, Celebrity Pages: 2 (794 words) Published: October 28, 2008
American’s Concerned about Buying

Americans are too concerned with material goods. Some Americans are too concerned with the latest trends like electronics, clothes, and jewelry. All they want to do is buy things to get noticed. Americans think material goods make them who they are today. Famous people want to get noticed and they think if they buy the biggest house or have the latest trend people are going to accept them. People don’t except you for what kind of car you drive, or how big your house is, or how well you dress. People should like you for your personality but Americans don’t see it that way. Americans want the latest things to stand out but there are other ways to stand out. Some Americans worry about themselves more than others. Americans are too concerned with electronics, clothes, and jewelry; there are way more important things in life. One big thing that Americans are strung over is electronics because they want to get the latest thing.

Americans want the latest phone, especially teenagers. If a new phone comes out they want to have it. At the time of purchasing, Americans don’t think about the people who don’t have anything. But Americans go buy the new electronics that cost a lot of money but they can’t use that money for other people. Americans want to show off and Americans don’t think about that stuff. When the touch screen ipod came out everybody wanted it. Especially when the iphone came out, there were people standing outside at midnight just to get it. People don’t realize that they can use that money to help someone that really needs it. But they want the latest thing to be a show off and tell everybody. Americans also are concerned about the clothes, the new trends.

This definitely applies to teenagers with the trends. Teenagers are always buying the latest jeans or the most colorful shoes. They are always trying to keep up with the fashion. Some older Americans try...
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