Topics: Human behavior, Time management, Procrastination Pages: 2 (693 words) Published: November 5, 2014
In my lifetime, I have always been asked and reminded to hand in things on time. "Have you done with your work?" said by my mother. I clearly know that dawdling is never a good habit, yet, I often procrastinate once in awhile. As Rebecca Moore and Arnold Parker stated in "Coping with Procrastination" that "often procrastination is due to an inability to concentrate or a feeling of being overwhelmed and indecisive." Despite there are lots of possibilities behind of why I am procrastinating things that I could never avoid to deal with, the three most common possibilities would be laziness, lack of motivation and mood swing.

In everyday life, laziness constantly drives me to postpone inevitable tasks. I often feel lazy and am not willing to tidy up my room. Usually, I will wait until the room becomes a big mess, a "garbage heap" that I can no longer stand for. I often vacate a day to clean up the house. The reason why the phrase "tidy up" is somehow equal to tired for me is because I must feel very fatigued afterwards. The sense of fatigue makes me becomes slothful. "I have a long day", "I am tired", "I can still live with this mess", "No one will come visit my house" - The excuses for not cleaning the house just never end.

To me, procrastinating school works before the assigned due date reached is often happened, as I have lack of motivation. Since I was young, my parents have been exhorting me with a Chinese saying, "Never put things off till tomorrow which can be done today." I obviously know what it means, yet, is always hard for me to put into practice. The most familiar homework procrastination phenomenon happen to me would be: on Friday, I claim that I will do my homework by tomorrow; however, Saturday passes by, I still respond in the same way and nothing was done. Then, Sunday comes and homework is due by tomorrow. All in a sudden, every assignment has to be completed in a rush right before school starts. In "Copying with Procrastination", Rebecca...
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