American West Tribes

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, Pawnee, Great Plains Pages: 3 (1373 words) Published: January 7, 2015
Sioux Indian Tribe
The Sioux Indians were one of the largest tribes in the American West, so they were known as a nation. They are also called Lakota or Dakota. The name Sioux means ‘little snakes’. Like a lot of the other tribes, the Sioux were nomadic and lived in places like Wisconsin, North and South Dakota and Minnesota. The Sioux nation had a rich history and was a very powerful tribe. A Frenchman, Jean Duluth, moved into the Sioux territory in the 17th century and took control of most of their land. The people of Sioux were hunters, gatherers and farmers. They gathered fruit and berries and farmed corn. Their diet was mainly buffalo meat since they could keep up with the buffalo’s migration patterns. However, they also ate deer meat, turkey and antelope. The men of Sioux made buffalo-hide paintings that were very elaborate. Like many other Native American tribes, the Sioux men were responsible for their women and children and had to provide them with food and protection. . The women were best known for their skills in quillwork, pottery and their expertise in bead work which could be used for jewellery and embroidery. The Sioux women were in charge of the children and domestic life, which included cooking, cleaning and breaking down and rebuilding their homes (tipis) whenever necessary. Tipis were easily taken apart and broken down. Each year, the Sioux held a ceremony which featured dancing, singing and lots food. This ceremony was called powwows. It was held at the same time every year. The Sioux’s traditional religious beliefs centred on Waken Tanka, their creator of all things and god. They were very spiritual and believed that all things had spirits. There were seven main religious ceremonies which were held each year and were a very important part of the Sioux culture. These spiritual ceremonies were called: The Keeping of the Soul

Rite of Purification
Vision Quests
Sun Dance
Making Relations
Preparation of Womanhood and
Throwing of the...
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