American University's Contribution to Society

Topics: College, High school, University Pages: 2 (525 words) Published: September 30, 2005
Since the first time a female high school graduate stepped foot into an American university, it has become a tradition for high school graduates to attend college. Prior to this shift in American culture, only wealthy families could send their sons. Instead, sons worked for the family business, or joined the military. During this time it was a privilege to attend a university. The men that came out of these American institutions graduated with a special skill that they could offer to the American public. Now most young men and women attend college. The question I wish to raise now is: what does the American university contribute to the public?

The answer to the question is simple. The American university still produces a well-rounded, cultured individual. American universities since have altered their ways of running their institution to account for the large enrollment of students. Institutions hired more professors to teach smaller classes so students could get more focused attention rather then having professors teach larger classes. Several hundreds of universities now have organizations, clubs and activities that culture and shape their students. These organizations provide the students with opportunities to meet new people and learn about their backgrounds and differences. This is crucial for a college graduate when they are ready to go into the business world. The American university gives their student this quality of understanding of differences between people they encounter, which allows the graduates to better understand their colleagues in the workforce. Collegiate organizations also provide many experiences, such as community service activities, which provide the students a minimum understanding of what it is like to poor or misfortunate. Most of these students can benefit the American culture by starting their own organizations and benefiting the less fortunate.

Another thing a college could offer the American culture is a...
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