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Topics: United States, War of 1812, Thomas Jefferson Pages: 4 (1307 words) Published: February 24, 2014
1. What changes did the Republicans bring to the federal government? The Republicans started by making fiscal policies. They “eliminated all internal taxes” in order to help people with large debt. Republicans tried to take all the offices they could be appointed to. After Jefferson finished his presidency, Republicans too almost all the appointive offices. Republicans also intended on making policies/deals to expand the boundaries of the United States and they wanted to possess land and gain more control. Jefferson reversed foreign policies in order to stop Napoleon from making a treaty with Spain which posed as a threat. Jefferson had a deal with Napoleon, which helped to double the size of the United States. Furthermore, it opened up another frontier for slaveholders south of the Mississippi Valley. How did their policies differ from those of the Federalists who came before them? Federalists wanted people to be in large public debt. Federalists tried to have a grip on federal offices; however Republicans managed to take over. Then the Federalists passed the Judiciary Act of 1801. John Marshall, who was a Federalist, created a precedent of judicial reviews in the Marbury v. Madison case. In addition, Federalists opposed the expansionist program, since it basically gave more power to Republicans rather than Federalists because Jefferson was a Republican and Federalists wanted more power. 2. Why did the US go to the war against Britain? Could this war have been avoided? Madison and his followers wanted war yet they were not prepared for one. The Macon’s Bill No. 2, replaced by the Nonintercourse Act, allowed open trade again after Jefferson stopped it. However, it was based under one condition that if France or England “lifted its restrictions”, Madison would continue to give sanctions against the other. Napoleon pretended to follow this rule. However, later on, his “duplicity” was found out and this in turn caused tension with Anglo-Americans. Madison pulled...
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