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Topics: Suburb, Civil Rights Act of 1968, Federal Housing Administration Pages: 12 (4412 words) Published: February 11, 2014
The Martian Chronicles- series of books written by ray bradbury in 1946. They are about a group of humans who leave eaarth to live and retire on mars because of nuclear war on earth. They attempt to colonize on marz but it fails each time. Most stories can be read seperatley but each chaptrer represents an overall theme. Bradbury is criticizing racism and nuclear age, and is pessimistic about progress. Johnny Appleseed- used throughout bradbury's Martian Chronicles. Johnny appleseed was a man who traveled across America planting seeds to grow trees and is used as an image of the american farming frontier. He was a very kind man who's real name is john chapman and was very generous. Invasion/colonization / apocalypse

Cold War Man- was a male who was antagonizd by conflicting alligences, one to the government and the other to his own morals. His nature was divided as bradbury put it. Post-colonialism
Crabgrass frontier- book written by kenneth jckson in 1985 that analyzes the development of the suburbs. It was a bunch of ideas about the suburbs and myths that overall promoted suburbanization because of the cheap land, transportation, and construction methods. American life became known as home ownership which had started in the suburbs. Sunshine (Sun) Belt / 37th parallel- The part of land from texas to california. It wasa huge redistribution of people and was significant in american history. The sunshine belt was a great place for test flying, and testing nucleaar weapons. It also was a good place for military. The population has grown hugely since the 1960s because of immigrants, baby boomers, and an attractiveness for the weather. Pacific Electric Railway- was a mass transit system in southern california that used light rails, street cars, and buses. It had interconnected cities and was the largest electric railway at its time which was around 1925. It was made up of government loads and the fha had guarunteed loans. National Interstate and Defense Highways Act – It was signed by Dwight d eisenhower in 1956 and it had tekne 25 million dollars to crete 41000 miles of highway. It meant a rise in car manufacturing which was seen as colonization. These highways served as evaciuation routes in case of an emergency, during the time of the atomic frontier. As cars increased during this time, public transportation decreased. Corrigan v. Buckley- case occurred in 1926 and was bout how nothing prohibits private individuals from entering contracts for control of their property. The court said that the 5th amendment only restricts federal govt form denying due process. Equal protection clause which was under the 14th amendment. Federal Housing Administration- had the same impact to the crabgrass frontier as the homesteading act did the the western frontier. The fha granted loans to families who wnted to own homes to themselves insteadof renting. It brought families to the suburbs like the government had wanted. 2/3 of americans had rented homes before 1930's. The fha hd overall helped about 11 million people. Veteran’s Administration- VA is a federal agency that gives benefits by the law for veterans of the armed forces. Similar to the FHA by giving out money to move people to the suburbs. Racially restrictive housing covenants. - a contractual agreement among property owners that prohibit the sale or leasing of housing property to a particular group usually africaan americans. This had covered about 80 percent of chicago and even more of los angeles. Racial wealth gap- the difference of income and assets between different races. Usually whites were a higher wealth gap then blakcs. Red lining- the act of denying services like banking or insurance because of race. It is the practice of making a red lining on a map to show where banking would stop and descriminate because of race. Shelley v. Kraemer- A case in 1948 that was a us supreme court trial. The issue was weather or not restrictive housing covenants based on...
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