American Sports - Most Popular Sports in the Us

Topics: Ice hockey, American football, Football Pages: 2 (711 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Most popular sports in the US
In America, you can find a lot of fun things to do. One of those things is doing different sports. It is a sporty country, and for many people sports become part of their lives. There is a lot of different types of sports, but the most famous are team sports, such as American football, baseball, ice hockey, and lacrosse. Those are the most four known American sports, and from the first look they seem to be very similar, but if you want to get into them, you should learn more about their history and the differences in the rules. American football evolved from rugby. It was invented at Harvard University, where in 1874 the first game was played between Harvard football team and McGill University rugby team. The American football rules are easy: the team with the ball has 4 attempts (downs) to move by at least 9.1 m in the direction of the goal net. If after the 4 attempts, the team cannot move forward, the ball goes to the opponent. Professional teams are composed of up to 45 players, creating defense, attack, and throwing groups. It is all different in baseball, as it is more a team game. The team plays in the defense, and there are nine people on the field. The field has a look of a circle. It is divided into two areas: a square internal field and the external field. The attacking player starts playing at "home"(The fourth base). On the field there are first, second and third bases, and there has to be a defender next to each of them. The pitcher throws the ball, standing on a raised platform in the center. The batter has to hit the ball and then run through all the bases and return at “home” to get points. Baseball was evolved from cricket. In 1845, Alexander Joy Cartwright formulated the rules of baseball. The first official game was held in 1846 in New Jersey, which gave a start to the National League in 1876, and the American League in 1903. Guseynov - 2

Another interesting game is lacrosse. It first appeared in France, when...
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