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Topics: Black people, White people, Race Pages: 5 (1733 words) Published: March 29, 2011
The society of America today is total different for most Americans then what it was during the 1950s , 1960s , 1970s and on into the 80s. America today is one were black people have the vote and have the same rites as white men and women. Today the leader of the free world is Black some thing that many though would never happen in there generation. But there are still inequality in America today. Urban ghettos are still mostly full of uneducated black people. Black men in America are four times more likely to go to prison. Drop out rates for black students are higher then white and those going on to collage and university is lower then whites. This problem goose back centres. The problem is not because of today issue ( but they don’t help ) its because of how they were treated 100 of years.

Black people were first bought over to America for free labour. They were bought over from African costal countries. They helped build the new America. The land of the free which we all know was not through. After the civil war and when slavery final became illegal. The black people of America started in a world that still had ways of putting them down. Also this lead to racial conflict. Examples of laws agents black people were Jim Crow laws. These were laws that made segregation the right of way for millions of people things like black people had to us different rest rooms to white people. Black people could not eat in the same area as white people. Black people could not site beside white people on bus and any other forms of public transport .All these laws enforced the idea that white people were inferior to black people and other ethnic groups like Asian and Latinos. After years of abuse from there own federal and state governments plus from normally every day people and groups like the KKK. Black people be came sick and tired of being suppressed. This is when things like the civil rights movement began to form. The civil rights movement most know able leader was Martin Luther King. A black doctorate in theology he became the spokes man for millions of black people not only in the south of America but also the north. The civil rights was a peaceful movement but this dose not mean they weren’t attacked. Women , Children , Men were all killed for being part of this group. White people manly of the south how would be republican right wing conservative. These people believed that things like homosexuality was an abomination , that federal govt should stay out of state policies and the army should have segregated and black people should have no vote or the same rites of any white person. These vies were not the same for all white people some believed in the civil rights movement and what it stranded for both in the south and north . They were the ones who mostly used violence’s against the civil rights movement. They boomed Kings house , killed people who tried to get black people to votes est.

Things like this did help the civil rights movement in away. They got support from liberals how did not support violence and the support was at home and aboard. But when King was assonated by who we will never really find out. We seen the first wave of blacks using violence to retaliate against the federal but more so the state govts. After kings death there riots all across america.46 people were killed. After kings death the civil rights movement changed. groups like the black panthers started fighting for the rites of black people using violence . They also had strong ties to drugs and crime. People like Malcolm X started encouraging violence agents white people.

Many people believed what he was saying was through . At that stage the divide between blacks and whites was growing. With the boom of the economy in America more white people started moving out of the cites into the suburbs. This made an even bigger gap between whites and blacks. Black people could not afford to move out of the city centres. This meant that the...
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