American Roots Music

Topics: Music genre, Native Americans in the United States, Indigenous peoples of the Americas Pages: 2 (513 words) Published: March 14, 2012
American Roots Music

To me, American roots music is the broad range of genres of music originated from people such as the Native Americans. Different styles of music come from different types of groups of people based on things like morals, traditions and customs, and religion. For example, some Native American tribes have songs to welcome back fighters from battles because they believe that it will calm the soul and mind from the gruesomeness of battles. These songs and traditions will start within one tribe or group of people and will most likely spread to other similar groups of people in the area. It then becomes a widely known genre of music to many people and becomes the “roots” of those people from the originating area. Different genres have many different “roots” such as Country music comes from the south or the Blues which is believed to have originated from the enslaved people from Africa. In some instances, it is difficult to pin point the origin of a certain genre because in most cases, some types of music are created from other types of music with their own unique styles added to it.

I have had two, brief experiences with “roots” music. Over the summer of 2008 and this passed summer I traveled to Colombia, South America and over the summer of 2009 I went to Australia. While in these places, I listened to the music of the native, indigenous people of those regions. While I was visiting family in Colombia, they took me to an old, traditional city that was home to many of what was left of the Native people from Colombia. While there they played traditional music of the Natives there. It was a genre style called Cumbia, which has now been slightly changed by more modern people, but in the town they played more traditional authentic music. I was told it was the first type of music created in Colombia by the indigenous people but that some of the styles were borrowed from the Caribbean and also from Jamaica. Even though it’s the “roots” music of the...
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