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Topics: American Revolutionary War, Slavery in the United States, Thirteen Colonies Pages: 1 (370 words) Published: February 28, 2012
Analyze the American Revolution’s impact on slavery and the status of women from 1775-1800
The American Revolution did have impact on slavery and the status of women, but was limited in its wide range of application through out the colonies.
African American slaves didn’t have much hope of ever being free until the American Revolution. In the southern colonies over 20,000 slaves escaped slavery and were used by the British as laborers or soldiers. But most of them died from epidemics. Only 9,000 slaves achieved freedom. One example would be when Lord Dunmore formed a regiment of runaway African American slaves. They wore “Liberty to Slaves” on their chest. To counter the run away slaves, slave holders decreed death to any runaway slave and offered pardon to them if they would surrender their arms and return to their owners.

In the northern colonies the slaves stayed in the support of the rebels. African American participation in the Revolutionary war was a combination of monetary reward, pressures of family and community, and potential freedom.

White women were also affected by the revolution. The women were taking a more political role in society. The Revolutionary War helped women to have a changing role and status in the new nation. For example Molly Pitcher, who was initially in the war to help feed and care for the men, was thrust into the war after her husband was killed in the battle of Monmouth. Abigail Adams is another shining example of the changing status of women in the colonies. Abigail Adams advocated property rights for married women and more opportunities for women in the educational field. She also believed that the women should not be content with the role of being companions to their husbands. Adams believed that the women should educate themselves and be recognized for the intellectual capabilities.

In summary the American Revolution was just the beginning of freedoms for both African American slaves and women. As a nation...
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