American Revolution

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Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Essential Questions

Jack Clark
Period 4-5

1) At what point did revolution become inevitable? Explain with details.
Revolution in colonial America became inevitable right after the conclusion of the French Indian War. Although victorious, this 7 year endeavor was extremely costly for Great Britain. Parliament needed to think of something quickly to fund the English war debts. Naturally, they decided to increase taxes on the colonies. It was these taxes (Stamp Act, Tea Act, Sugar Act) that truly began the spiraling roller coaster of conflicts that would ultimately end in revolution. Had the British Parliament decided not to tax the colonies unjustly in order to repay war debts, I believe revolution could have been avoided.

2) How did the relationship between the colonists and England change from 1754-1775?
It is safe to say that the relationship between the American colonists and England steadily declined and worsened in the period 1754-75. Previous to these years British Parliament and royalty practiced the method of "salutary neglect" meaning they would interfere very little with colonial affairs. This all changed with the end of the 7 Years War (French Indian War), which initiated a series of taxes imposed by Great Britain in an attempt to fund their war debts. After this, parliament also decided to put in place the Proclamation of 1763 which stated that colonists were not allowed to settle west of the Appalachian Mountains. Colonists deliberately disobeyed this law proving that their relationship to England was worsening. This decay all led up to major events such as the Boston Massacre, the Gaspee Incident, and the Boston Tea Party.

3) How were Native Americans affected by the developments in colonial America 1754-1775? Describe how Native Americans responded to those developments.
After losing land in the French Indian War, Native Americans were getting pushed back on their heels in the period 1754-1755....
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